Choosing Shoes for Purple Prom Dresses

If you are wearing purple prom dresses to the prom, the shoes that you wear must match the dress perfectly. The dress combined with the shoes make up the outfit so you don’t want one without the other. with that being said, what type of shoes do you wear with a purple dress?

First and foremost the style of dress that you’re wearing is important when you want to know what kind of shoes are going to go with it. There are so many different styles of dresses and not all shoes go with each dress style. These days many people pair boots with a dress and this is something that you can easily do, too.

You can always have shoes dyed to match the color of your dress. Many people who are going to the prom decide that they would trust their shoes in the same color. If you want to do something bold and daring choose a lighter or darker shade of purple than your dress.

Black is another color that you can wear with your purple prom dress. Black is a color that goes with almost everything. Be careful when using the color of black that you will wear however because it can be a little too much for a purple dress. Unless you’re trying to pull off the goth look you may want to avoid black.

Silver and gold are two additional choices that are perfect for shoe color. White is yet another color that some people pair with purple.